Oyo state is among the thirty-six state in Nigeria. It is located in the south western Nigeria, West Africa. It border kwara state to the north, Osun state to the east, Ogun state to the south and Republic of Benin to the west. It was created in February 1976. The total population of Oyo is 5,580,894 as at 2006 population. Oyo cover total Area of 28,454 km² (10,986 sq m). The state has some tropical rainforest in the south around Ibadan, but is covered mostly by derived savanna that is largely the result of burning and clearing the former forest cover to provide land for building and cultivation. The landscape consists of old hard rock and dome shaped hills, which rise gently from about 500 meters in the southern region and reaching a height of about 1,219 meters above the sea level in the northern region.

The economy of Oyo is based majorly on agricultural and handicrafts. Agricultural product include yam,corn,plantain, tobacco, cocoa, palm oil, millet, cassava, palm kernels and kola nuts. The state is also know for it cottage industries, consisting of cotton spinning, weaving dying, leather working (goat skins and sheep) wood craving and mat making.

They are thirty-three local local government in Oyo state.

Brown rooftop of Ibadan

The capital of Oyo State is Ibadan and this city is the most populous city in Oyo state it is also the largest city in Nigeria in terms of geographical sizes with total population of 3,649,000 by 2021 census and Area of 3,080 km² (1,190 sq mi). The city elevation varies from 150m in the valley area to 275m above the sea level on the major north south ridge which crosses the central part of the city. The city is naturally endowed with four river with many tributaries.

  • Ogunpa River
  • Ona Rii
  • Ogbere River
  • Lake Eleyele

Ibadan is the site of Nigeria first skyscrapper Cocoa house and at the same time it is the site of Nigeria first university and first television station in Africa. The city is surrounded by seven hills oke padre, oke Ado, oke bola, oke mapo, oke mokola, oke sabo.

Ibadan had been the center of administration of the old western Region since the days of the British.

Education aspect of Oyo state.

The education program remain the same with the country own which is primary sector (6 years cycle) secondary sectors (6 years cycle) and the university program.

Secondary Schools in Oyo state

  • St Anne’s School Ibadan.
  • St Bernadine School Oyo.
  • Queen School Ibadan.
  • Methodist High School.
  • Olivet Height Oyo.
  • Lagalu Grammar School.
  • Government College Ibadan.
  • Wesley College Ibadan.
  • Loyola College.

Tertiary Institutions in Oyo

  • University of Ibadan.
  • Ajayi crowther University.
  • Lead City University.
  • Federal college of forestry Ibadan.
  • Ladoke Akintola University.
  • Oyo college of education.
  • Koladaisi university.
  • Nigeria institute of science laboratory technology.

Tourist Attraction in Oyo

  • Agodi Garden
  • University of Ibadan zoo
  • Odua’s museum and Hall of fame
  • Bower Tower
  • Idere Hill.
  • Ado Awaye mountain and suspended lake
  • Topfat Art Gallery
  • The residence of the notable traditional ruler ( oba of Oyo and Ogbomoso).
Cocoa house

The first skyscraper in Nigeria Cocoa house was built during the regime of Chief Awolowo government, who was the premier of the defunct western staof Nigeria. This building was built for the sole purpose of cocoa processing, because it is the major export from Nigeria south west at that time. It was commissioned for use on 5 August 1965 and was the tallest building in Africa at that time.

Agodi garden

AGODI GARDEN: Agodi botanical garden is an exquisite flora enclave garden in the center of Ibadan the scenery and calm garden has mini zoo, water park, lush garden and different type of vegetation. It has unique facilities such as swimming pool, play ground for children and space for picnic. The garden is open to visitors throughout the week.

Ethnic group in Oyo state

The major inhabitants of Oyo is the Yoruba people as well various communities (Igbo, hausa, and Efik) from other part of the country.

Governor seyi makinde
Cocoa house
Topfat Art gallery
University of Ibadan
Idere hill
Agodi garden
Bower tower

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Tamaulipas State in Mexico

  Tamaulipas is one of the 32 state in Mexico and it is  located in northeastern corner of mexico, North America with 43 municipalities. Tamaulipas is bounded by the United States Texas to the north, the gulf of Mexico to the east, Mexican state of San Luis potosi and Veracruz to the south. Tamaulipas covers about area of 79,829 square kilometres ( 30, 822 square miles). This city had a total population of 3,374,200 in 2012. Tamaulipas is the major producer of sorghum in Mexico with little production of corn, sugarcane, cotton, coffee, tobacco and wheat in the fertile lowland area of Huasteca where the climate is favourable. Large proportion of mexico natural gas and significant quantities of petroleum is produce in Tamaulipas: petrochemical plant are located in Ciudad Victoria and Reynosa.

   Tamaulipas has hills and plain land in the northern central, southeastern, and Eastern region whereas mountain can be found in western and southwestern region.

Ciudad Victoria

  The capital of Tamaulipas is Ciudad Victoria with population of 262,686 and Area of 188 km² sitting at the elevation of 316 m.

The archeological museum is situated in Ciudad Victoria. It is located in the northeast of mexico at the foot of sierra  madre oriental. It border with municipality Guemez to the north, Llera to the south, Casas municipality to the east and the municipality of Jaumave to the west. This city is located 319 km from the united state border. It is the home of higher education institutions such as Autonomous  university of tamaulipas and technology institute of Ciudad Victoria. General Pedro Jose Mendez international Airport is found in the outskirt of ciudad Victoria. As a state of bureaucratic center, it is the seat of the three political powers and has site of tourist and cultural interest. Cuidad Victoria is named after the first president of Mexico, Guadalupe Victoria. Ciudad Victoria became the state capital in 1825.

The largest city in Tamaulipas is Reynosa followed by Matamoros, Nuevo Laredo, Tampilo and mante

Tamaulipas Language

   90% of the citizen speak Spanish as their first language while the rest speak native language and English.

Agriculture sector of Tamaulipas

  Tamaulipas is expanding in agricultural sector and acquire half of it finance from agriculture. More than half of the land is devoted to rearing of livestock like sheep, goat, cattle and pigs. Tamaulipas fishing industry is well developed because of the star location on the Gulf of mexico. The common aquatic organisms found in this environment include crab, crayfish, oysters and shrimps. Fresh water fish is not excluded like tilapia fish and fish due to abundant of this fish there is thriving sport fishing industry which serve as tourist to the state.


   Tamaulipas enjoy standard quality education, since public education is free from age 6-16 years. The rate of illiteracy has reduced and as many as 11% of youth has a professional degree.


  • Saint Joseph Academy middle and high school.
  • Olivera middle school.
  • Homer Hanna High school.
  • Idea frontier school.
  • Valley Christian high school.
  • Future Leader Academy school.
  • Filemon B. Vela middle school.
  • Idea Riverview school.
  • Coram Deo Classical Academy.

Tertiary institution include:

  • Insituto de Estudios Superiors de Tamaulipas.
  • Universidad Autonoma de Tamaulipas.
  • Instituto Tecnologico de Ciudad Madero.
  • Technological University of Tamaulipas.
  • Institute of science and Higher studies of Tamaulipas.

Tourist Attraction in Tamaulipas

  • Zoologico de Reynosa.
  • Parque Tamatan.
  • Playa Bagdad
  • Laguna Madre.
  • Playa miramar.
  • Plaza de Armas
  • La Ciudad de las familias Felices.
  • Parque Cultural Reynosa.

International Airport include:

  • Ciudad Victoria Airport.
  • Matamoros International Airport.
  • Nuevo Laredo Qetzalocoatl International Airport.

Religion of Tamaulipas

  Majority of Tamaulipas people practice Christianity. There are about 73% of Roman Catholic, 8% of Protestant the Adventist, Mormons, Jehovah’s witness and about 140,000 people who are reported with no religion.

Tamaulipas Ethnic group

  • Mestizo ( Amerindian/European)
  • Amerindian ( Native American)
  • Mexican ( European)
Governor Francisco Garcia Cabeza
Zoologico De Reynosa
Playa Baghdad
Plaza de Armas
Parque Cultural Reynosa
LA ciudad de las familias felies
Playa miramar
Universidad Autonoma de Tamaulipas

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Tlemcen is located in the north west of Algeria, Northern Africa. Tlecmen is the second largest city in Algeria after oran with Area of 40.11 km (110 sq mi) and population of 377,400 as at 2008 census. This island is lying at an elevation of 2,648 feet (807 metre) near the Morocco border. Tlemcen is located sufficiently inland, to avoid the humidity of the Mediterranean sea coast but it is near enough to receive to cooling sea breeze during summer time. This temperate climate favoured tlemcen development. This city has developed leather, carpet, textile (including silk), metals, handicrafts and some light industrial development. 90% of Tlemcen citizens are Muslims. Tlecmen is locally known as ;

“The town of cherries”

Cultural background of tlemcen

Tlemcen has been influenced over the years by Berber ,Arab, Moorish, ottoman and western culture. It rich history and culture have made the city a center of unique mixtures of music and art.

Tlemcen language

Arabic has been the official language of Algeria since it gain is independence in 1962. Tlemcen is not exempted , majority of tlemcen citizen also speak Arabic though some still speak French, but only few people speak English.

Tourist attraction in Tlemcen

The great mosque of Tlemcen

The great mosque of Tlemcen was built in 1136 and it is believe to be one of the biggest mosque in Algeria. The mosque is located in the city center where it can easily be notice with it tall minaret and elaborate mihrab , it is also consider to be the most beautiful mosque in Algeria and also an example of almoravid architecture. This mosque is often compare to the great mosque of Cordoba, Spain because of it similar architecture style.

Bidi bellahsen mosque

Here is another amazing small mosque the sidi bellahsen mosque just west side of the great mosque of Tlemcen. It was built in 1296. Both the great mosque and sidi bellahsen is an essential place of worshipping, few years back sidi bellashen mosque now serves as a museum.

El mechouar palace

One of the most famous tourist in Tlemcen include the El mechouar palace which was built in 1248 this palace is situated in the middle of the city and used to be part of mechouar citadel which no longer exist expect for the palace and the outer walls.

  • El- Ourit waterfall

Tertiary institutions in Tlemcen

  • Abou bekr Belkaid university
El mechouar palace
The great mosque of Tlemcen
University of Abour bekr Belkaid
El ourit waterfall

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Balochistan: The sui field gas

Balochistan is an arid desert and mountainous region in Pakistan, south and western Asia. It is of the four province in Pakistan and it is the largest province which cover 47% of land masses forming the south western region of the country despite it land masses it is the least populated in the country. Balochistan shares border with pashtunistan and Afghanistan to the north region, sindh and Punjab to the east, Persian to the western region and makran and Arabian sea to the south. It’s land mass is 347,190km with 12,344.408million.

Balochistan is the one of the richest provinces in Pakistan this city is rich enough to produce mineral but suffer a lot from multiple social amenities and infrastructure material such as health care, education and other social problems.

QUETTA: An eye-catching view of Quetta city. INP PHOTO by Ahmed Bhatti

Quetta is the central capital of Balochistan and it is the largest city. It is located in the northern region of Balochistan near the Pakistan-Afghanistan border. Quetta is the trade center and communication arena between the two countries. It is also the 10th largest city in Pakistan and 1st in Balochistan with the landmass of 1,680 metres (5,510 feet) above the sea level and population of 1,001,205m according to 2017 census. Quettta is popularly known as “fruit garden of Pakistan” due to numerous fruit orchards in and out of it. The production of large variety of fruit and dried fruit is made there.

Sui gas field

Balochistan is popularly known for production of natural gas the sui gas field located in the northeast of jacobabad. Sui gas field is one of the largest natural gas deposit in Pakistan. It also host the country’s largest gas compressor station and a purification plant. Despite diminishing reserves overtime, sui gas field still remain one of the biggest natural gas producing field in Pakistan, contributing substantially to the country economy with the requirement of daily production around 359MMcf. This gas field began it operation in 1955.

The main language of Balochistan is Balochi and brahui,Hazaragi, pashto and Urdu.


The education sector is one the most biggest problem in Balochistan. The overall literacy rate is 46%, 2.3 million of children are out of school while 1.3 million children attended schools. One of the reason is the long distance between their houses and schools another reason is that they is no proper and functional education equipment.

The education system is generally divided into six levels which includes:

  • Preschool (for the age of 3 to 5years).
  • Primary for (5years cycle).
  • Middle school (2years).
  • Higher schools (2years).
  • Intermediate schools (2years).
  • University programs varying from courses).

College and high schools

  • Arifwala government high schools.
  • A-one city secondary high schools.
  • Qasimia high school.
  • Sandeman higher secondary school.
  • Quetta public high school.
  • Allied school Patail Bach campus.
  • Beaconhouse Quetta campus.
  • Balochistan college.

University and technical college

  • Bolan university of medical and health.
  • University of Balochistan
  • Zargnoon law school.
  • Balochistan institute of technology.
  • Balochistan college of education.
  • Sardar Bahadur khan women university.
  • Balochistan Agricultural college.
  • University of Loralai.

Tourism in Balochistan

  • The princess of hope, Balochistan.
  • Hanna lake.
  • Hazarganji chiltan National park Quetta Balochistan.
  • Pit ghaib waterfall, Balochistan.
  • The sphinx of Balochistan.
  • Astola island.
  • Moola chotok.
  • Hingol HP.
  • Mehrgarh.
Prime minister of Balochistan


Hazarganji chiltan national park
The princess of hope
The Sphinx of Balochistan
Sardar Bahadur khan women’s university
University of Balochistan
Pir ghaib waterfall
Urak valley
Moola chotok

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Madagascar: Home of unique wildlife

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Madagascar is situated in southeast coast of Africa and southwest toward India ocean. It is the fourth largest island in the world with landmass of 542,800 square kilometers and population of 27 million approximately as at 2009. The Malagasy people spend (currency) Malagasy Ariary. 1 Ariary is equal to $4,346. Madagascar is consider to be one of the most poorest country in world. Madagascar economy is based on cultivation of paddy rice, coffee, vanilla and clove. The Malagasy people do not consider themselves to be Africans due to continuing bond with France that resulted from former colonial rule. The autonomous state of Madagascar has undergone four major constitutional periods, term republics. About 85% of Malagasy people practice Christianity. Madagascar is a member of the United Nations, the African Union (AU), the Southern African Development Community (SADC), and the Organization Internationale DE LA Francophonie.

Madagascar is popularly known for it unique and diverse wildlife, about 90% of wildlife found in this island are nowhere to be found in the world. for example lemurs,maky, green pigeon, red frog, indris, Aye-aye, ring-tail lemur, mouse lemur,coua,giraffe weevils, flatid leaf bugs, sifakas, fossa, comet moths,humpback and many more.


Aye- Aye this organism is one of the most bizarre creature you will come across in Madagascar. They look like bat and squirrel at the same time but possess long middle finger, used for scooping out insects from the tree bark.


Sifakas belong to the family Indri, this organism is found throughout Madagascar. Like the family Indri, they have long hind legs. Various sub-species have adapted to live in different habitat around Madagascar including the verreauk’s sifakas.


Fossa is the largest mammalian carnivorous, it look like small dog or large cat size and have similarities to both in terms of appearance. They feed mostly on lemurs.

Antananarivo is the capital of Madagascar, it sit at 1,280m (4,199ft) above the sea level. It the largest city in the island and it the house of the merina people. The presidency, Senate, national assembly, supreme court are located there. It the headquarters for many national and international business. It has more university, medical services, art venue,nightclub, hotel and sport center more than any city in Madagascar.

The official language is Malagasy which is written in Latin alphabet. They also speak French due to bond with France only few people speak English.


The educational system consists of primary, secondary, teacher training college, technical institutions and university system. The primary sector is five year program and secondary is four year cycle.

Secondary school include;












There are about 20 ethnic group in Madagascar and the largest are the merina who scattered throughout the island followed by the betsimisaraka who reside in the east and many more of them like, Betsiloe.






Tourism in Madagascar

They are numerous tourist attraction in Madagascar that both visitors and traveler can visit such as;

Royal palace.

Isalo National park.

Ifaty beach.

Lilly waterfall.

Ranomafara National park.

Queen palace.

Andafiavaratra palace.

Botanical and Ecological garden of Tsimbazaza.

Andasibe Mantadra National park

President of Madagascar

President Andry Rajoelina

Madagascar National Flag
Queen Palace
Andafiavaratra Palace in Antananarivo – Madagascar
Isalo national park
Ifaty beach
Lilly waterfall
University of Toamasina
UNIVERSITE catholique DE Madagascar
Ranomafana national park

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Kwara state as whole and Ilorin as the capital.

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Kwara state is found in the central northern part of Nigeria, west Africa. Kwara state is one of the oldest state in Nigeria created during the era of general Yabuku Gowon in 1967. The northern claim kwara is not a true north because majority of people in kwara are Yoruba whereas Hausa dominate the true northern part of Nigeria. Kwara is less populated compare to Lagos and in terms of land mass Kwara is 14,218 square miles (36,825 square km).

Ilorin is the capital of kwara it is the largest town and civilized area in kwara, and it the educational center of the state. Ilorin housed the respected traditional ruler who is Emir of ilorin. He the traditional ruler who gives order on Yoruba Muslim. Most of the commercial activities takes place in Ilorin. The second biggest mosque in Nigeria is in Ilorin. Kwara owned International Airport is sited in Ilorin.

IGBOMINA is sub ethnics under the Yoruba tribe. They dominate the southern region in kwara state though they are also present in other state in Nigeria but 80% of igbomina resident and originated in kwara state.

Language often speaks in kwara is Yoruba and Fulani o while the residence of bariba speak baruteen and minority speak the Nupe Language.

There are numerous traditional ruler governing their respective town and villages in Kwara state.

  • Oba of Offa
  • Oba of Ajasa
  • Oba of Omura
  • Oba of Oro

Tourism in kwara state

They are fascinating tourist in kwara which include Owu waterfall,ESIE museum, old Oyo park, succoth valley garden, moungo park monument, okuta Ilorin and the greatest landform in Ilorin sobi Hill.

Owu waterfall

Owu waterfall found in ISIN, IREPODUN Local government and it is one of the most fascinating waterfall to watch in west Africa. The waterfall is about 120m above the water level and 330 feet down the escarpment with Rocky outcrop to a pool of ice cold water below which give it a beautiful and amazing landscape that offer visitor a beautiful memories.

The best period to visit owu waterfall is during rainy season which span 200m across which make it a wonderful spot for vacation. The source of Owu is unknown till date.

Esie museum

Esie museum is one the first museum to be establish in Nigeria in 1945.

It contains more than one thousand of tomb stone which represent human who was said to disobey the gods. And due to their disobedience they were turn to tombstone.


Despite that the fact that KWARA is less populated the educational sector is not lagging behind and every part of education sector is present there.

















Governor of KWARA state

Governor Abudl Raman Abudl Rasaq

Emir of ilorin
Kwara hotel
Ilorin central mosque
Oba of offa

Oba mufutau oloyede gbadamosi

Owu waterfall
Sobi hill
Okuta Ilorin
Moungo park monument

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Everything about Lagos

Lagos is found in the western part of Nigeria, West Africa. Area 1, 292 square miles and population of 9million approximately. It is the most populous city in Africa despite been the smallest state in Nigeria. 70% of Lagos is surrounded by water because it is very close to Atlantic ocean. The longest bridge in Africa is host in Lagos, Also the tallest building in west Africa is sited in Lagos with 160m tall above the ground level, NECOM house tower. IKEJA IS THE CAPITAL OF LAGOS STATE. MURITALA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT IS IN IKEJA.

There are numerous sport center in Lagos like National stadium, Telsim balogun stadium, Tefawa Balewa square Onikan stadium and many more.

Resident of Lagos

According to mine research and what I have notice 80% of people who reside in Lagos are not originated from Lagos. Most people came from different parts of Nigeria to reside in Lagos because of the development and job opportunity. Lagos port handles majority of Nigeria import, and Lagos port is ranked as one of the top 10 in Africa.

Language mostly spoken in Lagos is English and youruba,only few people speak pidgin,hausa,igbo and the rest.

Lagos traditional ruler

There are many traditional ruler in Lagos like oba of Lagos, oba of elegushi, oba of ikorodo, oba of ikotun, oba of oniru, oba of ikate.

Geo political zone of Lagos

There are 20 local government and sub dividend into 46. There are three senatorial district in Lagos.

Tourism in Lagos

There are tons of tourism in Lagos which include lekki conservation center(longest canopy in Africa), elegushi beach ,oniru beach, freedom park, tarkwa bay beach.


There are tons of schools in Lagos both private and public from primary level of education to tertiary level.

Secondary schools include














Lagos state governor


Oba of Lagos


Lekkki conservation area
University of Lagos
Third mainland bridge
Elegushi beach
Eleko beach
Palace of oba of Lagos

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